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Knowledge Partners

Why Work with Impact College?
Impact College offers the opportunity to work with a dedicated team of trainers, instructional designers, animators, and graphic designers to transform your content into easy deliverable online courses that are now available to a much wider audience at a much lower cost. The platform, through its various features, encourages interaction between trainers and trainees and enables video conferencing, forums or buddy drives where people can upload their questions and their work for peer review.



Be a Knowledge Partner.
We are seeking up to five knowledge partners. We are looking for organizations and individuals who will work with our team to translate the expertise, subject matter materials, and any training slides you currently have into online courses. Those courses you will be able to deploy to your community of supporters and we will work with you to test and improve the courses to scale the impact of your work. If you are interested in working with us, please fill out the form below.

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